Real TomTom employees in Amsterdam were filmed doing the robot dance to celebrate the fact that their navigation app is now available for Android. Their app has been available for iOS devices for quite a while, but now Android smartphone users will get a chance to try it. Why would you want to use TomTom [...]

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If you are a tech-loving snowboard or ski fanatic, the Recon MOD HUD. The engineers at Recon Instruments have created a heads-up display that can be integrated into Recon Ready goggles, enabling the wearer to see real-time telemetry as they are zipping down the slopes. The tiny color LCD screen sits just below your right [...]

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With the winter nearly behind us (we live in the Pacific Northwest and the rain and bad weather really do not go away until after the 4th of July) and summer knocking on the door, it's time for me to focus my exercise outdoors. With that hopefully comes fun new training technology to better enable [...]

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The DeLorme inReach is the first affordable 2-way Satellite Communicator on the market. When you go camping, boating or traveling, you may think your cell phone will be there for you to get you out of an emergency situation. But only 10% of the world actually has cell phone coverage. Designed for remote or high-risk [...]

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If you have trouble finding where you parked, there's an app - and a dongle - for that.  The Find My Car Smarter device and an iPhone app (for iPhone 4S only) can mark where you parked your car and help you get back there.  The Find My Car Smarter Bluetooth Smart device ($25, or [...]

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In the box

Verizon recently gave me the opportunity to try out the new MOTOACTV.  Well, what exactly is it? A music player? A GPS Tracker? A watch? Actually, it's all of those. They also lent me the Sports armband. I am definitely a casual runner, and I don't run much at all when it is cold, but this got me out [...]

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I have a couple of Nikon DSLR cameras that I use for personal and Gadgeteer photography.  Nikon cameras aren't cheap, but hey - not every camera is mentioned in song, either.  ;) Accessories, especially the Nikon-branded ones, aren't cheap, either.  I've been slowly collecting studio lights, flashes for the hot shoe, filters - you get [...]

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The GPS Watch from runtastic records important parameters from your run: pace, laps, calories, distance, target HR zones, speed, duration, time, elevation and heart rate.  After the run, connect the watch to your computer with the included USB cable to transfer your data to your profile at runtastic's website to analyze your metrics.  The watch [...]

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In 1969, Seiko introduced the first quartz watch, and now they are introducing the world's first solar GPS watch.  Using their own, patented, low-energy-consumption GPS receiver, the Astron is able to recognize all 39 time zones around the world to identify time zone and set the time and date data using the global network of [...]

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Le Chal

Anirudh Sharma, a student of Informatics Engineering at the Rajasthan Technical University, has designed Le Chal (Hindi for ‘Take Along") to assist the blind and visually impaired to navigate around.  By pairing Le Chal with an Android smartphone with GPS, the user can speak a destination into Google maps and then manoeuvre via Google's navigation. Four small vibration motors [...]

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The OBD port under the dash of my car.

So you read our previous review of the LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS real-time tracking unit (see related posts at the bottom of this review), and you want something SMALLER and easier without the hassle of recharging batteries?  Say hello to the Live Trac EZ from LiveViewGPS. Like the SilverCloud GPS, the Live Trac EZ consists of [...]

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The Hydro Tracker GPS from FINIS is a tracking, mapping, and performance-reporting accessory designed for open water swimmers.  The GPS unit is designed to attach to the straps on swim goggles so that it sits on the back of the head to receive a constant signal.  The Hydro Tracker GPS records data as you swim [...]

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Package contents

I've been playing with several different kinds of GPS tracking devices for a while, including the nu.m8 GPS Child Locator Watch. The nu.m8 GPS tracking system used a GPS receiver to determine location, and would "report" it's location when "pinged" via SMS or computer to give the latest position.  So for the most part, it [...]

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For most people, the four legged furry beings that live with them are not just pets, but are part of the family. That means we worry about them just like we do our children. With kids and other loved ones, we can call them on the phone when we want to check up on them. [...]

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This personal safety device from GreatCall gives you immediate access to trained personnel who can summon emergency services and notify your family.  The 5Star Urgent Response device fits on your keychain or can be clipped to a bag or backpack.  A single button push will connect you with highly-trained certified response agents who have access [...]

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Sometimes I've found that I can use online maps to plan a route, but I don't want to have to print out directions.  Using my iPhone to check maps as I'm out can quickly use up my battery life - and my data plan.  Mophie comes to the rescue with the  juice pack plus Outdoor [...]

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On May 2 2000  the US Government under Bill Clinton change the status of Selective Availability on their Global Positioning System  (GPS)  and overnight twenty-four satellites around the globe instantly gave GPS technology an increase in accuracy of  approximately  10 fold. Previously a high quality signal was used for military purposes while a lower quality signal [...]

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Get-Back Mini GPS Review


My wife tells me I suffer from early onset C.R.S., so when the opportunity arose to review the Get-Back Mini GPS from Brunton, I jumped at it.  Here's a device that should keep me from getting lost in parking lots and in the back woods of our summer home.  Now I won't have to rely upon my [...]

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Every few weeks, I'll see a Silver Alert news story about an Alzheimers patient or otherwise vulnerable adult who has wandered away.  That's just in my area, so imagine how many of these at-risk people there are in the country and how many of them could be missing at any given time.  GTX has developed [...]

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Ever wanted to know where your teenager is taking the car?  Or want to track if they are really going to school or not?  Or maybe you just want to see if your husband is really out playing golf with the guys.  The Garmin GTU 10 is the perfect tracking device for you. The Garmin [...]

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