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Are you a maker? Inventor? Tinkerer? Want to play with Arduino but not sure what modules you need yet? Meet mCookie, a set of cool new magnetic and Arduino-compatible modules from Microduino.  Note: Images can be clicked on to view a larger size. These mCookie modules dramatically decrease the size of prototyping and allow you to work with [...]

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I'm not a mom, but I can imagine how chaotic a house might become with a few kids running around. In an effort to make things even worse for mom, but more fun for kids, I present the UltraGlow Air Power Soccer Disk. This battery powered disk will let kids and even their parents play [...]

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Drones like quadcopters are incredibly popular. They can be really fun to fly but unfortunately, people can misuse them and that's bad news especially when flying them in sensitive airspace. Since hunting them down with guns blazing is frowned upon, the government and law enforcement now have available to them the Battelle DroneDefender. This defensive [...]

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In the past year or so, quadcopters and drones have exploded onto the scene. What used to be a novelty in Brookstone or the Sharper Image, is now everywhere. I'm not exaggerating when I say I recently saw a shelf full of drones in a local 7-11. I've always wanted to get one, but could [...]

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Tonight starts a new season of one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead. In celebration of this momentous occasion, I bring you the Walking Dead vinyl dolls from ThinkGeek. There's Daryl, the bad boy with a soft heart and a sharp crossbow. Rick, in full sheriff garb and crazy gleam in his eye, and [...]

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StikBot review


StikBot is the world’s first social media sharing toy. What exactly does that mean? StikBots are posable figures that kids and adults can use to create stop motion videos that are then shared to sites like YouTube and Instagram. It's a fun idea to get kids interested in film making, but are StikBots the way to [...]

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While this may not fall into the traditional realm of gadgetry, it does coincide with another love of mine....pranking my wife! The Tapping Peeper is a motion activated figure that attaches to your window with a suction cup. While I can't speak for your loved ones, I know my wife would go running scared if [...]

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Cat Jenga. That's right - this game really exists. If you find yourself bored and feel the need to find all the different ways you can stack cats ('cause, heck, you haven't stacked any cats lately), well then this is the game for you. I'm not so sure you can remove any of the cats [...]

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Happy Force Friday!


Many of you Star Wars fans have already enjoyed your trips to the store to pick up your new Star Wars memorabilia. Others of you may not know much about Force Friday. What is it? Force Friday is the day that retailers like the Disney Store, WalMart, Target, Amazon and Toys-R-Us have started selling new [...]

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I’ve been a dedicated Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) for decades. At its height, my obsession resulted in a collection of more than 100,000 LEGO pieces. Now, I restrict myself to mostly minifigures, the little plastic people included in LEGO sets. Several years ago, LEGO launched a line of collectible LEGO minifigs, which they release [...]

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Kids and many adults like myself enjoy playing with the iconic multi-colored LEGO bricks and mini figures. But if you're looking for a new construction toy that is both educational, and can also be used with LEGO bricks, Laser Pegs light up construction toy sets are an interesting choice. I was sent the 4-in-1 Helicopter [...]

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I want a drone. I have no idea what I'd really use one for, but I want one anyway. When the folks at Silverlit asked if I would like to review their new SpyCam Nano, I was really excited because first of all it's a drone with a built-in camera and secondly, it's so small [...]

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It's WALL•E! I just love this little guy. He goes about his business working industriously, diligently, and faithfully alone but with such a purity of heart and a cheerful attitude - and he's cute to boot! The design for this LEGO WALL•E was formulated by Angus McClane, a LEGO Ideas member and a director/animator at [...]

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If you like darts or like to play board games, the KOOBA magnetic dart game is the next game for you to try. KOOBA is a game of physical skill similar to darts except that you use a pair of sticks to launch magnetic projectiles, called Aeros, at a wall-mounted game board. The Aeros stick [...]

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If I had unlimited funds and unlimited space, my gadget cave would be chock full of all sorts of geeky toys like these super cool Celtic dice from eondesigner, a designer on the Shapeways site. If you're not familiar with Shapeways, it's a marketplace site where 3D modelers can have their designs created and offered [...]

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Fascinations Metal Earth Licensed Models

I will admit that as a young lad I liked building models. As I got older my interest changed and model building went to the back burner. I have toyed with the idea of picking up some models to keep myself occupied, but I just have not found any that seemed interesting. A company called [...]

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Zano drones pack a lot of intelligence and mobility into the palm of your hand. This little guy has built-in obstacle avoidance and digital image stabilization - pretty high-end features for such a small affordable quad copter. The Zano is controlled using a smartphone app which features a simple control for altitude, image or video capture, [...]

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Forget building sets that let your kid build a house he can play with.  Bilderhoos lets your kid build a house he can play in!  The pieces are made of  1" thick marine-grade 9-ply plywood that has been triple-coated with exterior water-based polyurethane.  The edges of each board are rounded with a router and sanded to a [...]

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We've all seen those paint-by-numbers kits, right?  Are the middle of the last century, the kits were hugely popular with adults.  I mostly see kits for kids these days, but there are a huge variety of detailed paint-by-number kits for adults on the internet.  You can certainly find an image to interest you should you [...]

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Of course Batman has a lot of cool gear and gadgets - he's rich and has them custom made.  You may not have Batman's resources, but you can have a knife that looks like Batman's Batarang, which could  add some serious coolness to your Halloween costume this year.  The Batman 11.5" Black Dual Blade Knife [...]

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Think Geek Capt America backpack

I am not a hardened comic book geek, you know the ones, the Marvel vs DC ones. But I do like cool comic book, movie based gear especially things that can be used in everyday situations. Enter the Avenger: Age of Ultron Captain America shield backpack. I know what you're thinking, a simpler name "Captain [...]

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If building LEGO robots, race cars and spaceships don't excite you anymore, you need to take a look at Beautiful LEGO: Wild! by Mike Doyle. This is a 232-page book that features nature related LEGO sculptures from artists around the globe. Full-color pages show animals, flowers, insects, landscapes and more made entirely of LEGO bricks. [...]

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This isn't a product you can purchase; it's a wonderful, Portable LEGO Creation Station that an Instructables author named Tez_Gelmir designed and built for his very lucky LEGO-obsessed son.  The station is seen closed on the left.  I had to crop the original pictures to get them to fit on this page, but the station [...]

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lilly Drones, the new action cameras? Up for pre-order, the Lily Camera was a project started in September 2013 at UC Berkeley robotics lab. This small camera drone can be thrown into the air and then follow a wearable tracking device in various POV modes ( Follow, side, fly up, lead). Flight time is around [...]

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Summer break is upon us which usually leads to the all too familiar words, "I'm bored." If you happen to be throwing a Star Wars themed party or have kids (or adults) that are Star Wars fans, why not purchase a Star Wars Death Star Light-up Beach Ball for some summertime fun? The kids can [...]

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