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Innovation in eyewear isn't really a topic that those of us in the tech and gadget field keep track of. Other than changes in frame styles and lens quality, eyeglasses look and perform the same way they have for decades. At least that's what I thought until I was contacted about Aspire Eyewear, a new [...]

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You've probably heard of SAD, seasonal affective disorder, which is a type of depression that affects some people because of their reduced exposure to light in the darker months of the year (fall and winter in the Northern hemisphere).  It can affect some people at other times of the year if they don't tend to [...]

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We've shown you a couple of bike racks that let you store your bike on the wall to free up space on the floor, but those require you to lift your bike up to the hook.  If you have a ultra-light, high-tech bike, that's maybe not so bad, but not everyone has the lightweight bikes. [...]

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There are so many activity trackers on the market that it can be very difficult to choose one. Most trackers we see are black plastic bands that have been designed to be worn on the wrist and are not exactly what would be considered fashionable. We've seen trendier trackers like the Misfit Shine that can [...]

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You'll never be stranded with a flat tire on your bicycle or have to cancel the basketball game due to an under-inflated ball again!  The Mobo Pocket Air Pump is about small enough to hide in your closed fist and weighs only 2 ounces.  The sleek aluminum design is sturdy enough to allow a maximum [...]

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The Ticked Off plastic spoon may remind you of the sporks KFC used to use, but don't use this to eat with!  This little tool is the easy way to remove ticks that have bitten a human or an animal.  You just place the slot near the tick and slide the implement forward.  It will [...]

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Misfit has just announced the EKOCYCLE Field Band, the result of a partnership with the Coca-Cola Company and, for a new accessory for their popular Misfit Shine activity tracker. These wrist straps are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and features a snap in mount for the Misfit tracker and an adjustable strap. The EKOCYCLE Field [...]

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We've talked about various electronic gadgets to help our elders stay in touch without overwhelming them with technology, but we haven't really discussed other ways to make their lives easier.  The Sock Aid with Foam Grip is a device to help people with arthritis of the hips or knees, back pain, or other physical limitations [...]

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One of the worst things about exercising with a heart rate monitor is the strap. It sticks to your sweaty body. It gets wet and smelly. If it’s too tight, it can irritate your skin. Garmin just announced a new Forerunner that does away with all that nastiness. The Forerunner 225 GPS Running Watch can [...]

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I love trying out the latest in heart rate monitors, especially those that do not require straps. I currently use a Polar M400 (which Dave Rees reviewed in February of this year) with the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart sensor chest strap and they work really well, but it would be nice not to have to use [...]

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I know some people have a lot of trouble with frizzy, static-y hair.  Despite my limp, fine hair, even I have trouble with static in the winter.  Hammacher Schlemmer has a hairbrush they say will reduce frizzy and flyaway hair.  The Anti-Static Ionic Hairbrush "emits negative ions that counteract the causes of static and frizz [...]

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I'm not a smoker and have never been a smoker, but I do know that it's an extremely unhealthy and risky habit. It's a habit that is very hard to kick without the help of drugs or strong will power. The new fad is to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes also know as [...]

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I've been using a Tanita BC554 Ironman InnerScan Body Composition scale for over a decade and love it. It has been my accountability partner in trying to stay healthy. The only thing I have longed for is either a WiFi or Bluetooth feature that would automatically sync all the data to an app to keep [...]

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The Lumo Lift Posture and Activity Coach does things that normal fitness trackers do, like count your steps, distance, and calories.  The Lift has an extra benefit, though.  You wear the Lift on your shoulder, and it monitors your posture and gives you feedback to help you improve your posture.  When you sit, stand, walk, [...]

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As you may have heard, the Apple Watch starts being delivered tomorrow.  As the delivery time approached, more and more apps were being announced for the Watch, and one of the latest announcements is the Misfit Minute fitness coaching app.  Yes, it's from the makers of the Misfit trackers, so it should be a welcome [...]

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Whether you call it the IOT (Internet of Things), being plugged in, or something else, I really enjoy using connected devices. Some people will say, who needs a thermometer that saves your readings or a fitness tracker that tells you how many steps you've walked each day. I say why not! I don't have the world's [...]

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It's spring! Time to set aside your games of Halo and enjoy the outdoors by taking a ride on your motorcycle. But you don't have to leave Halo behind completely - now you can be Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 while you ride around town with this Spartan motorcycle helmet from There have been other Halo [...]

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Fitness gadgets are my exercise motivator. I love them. My only caveat is that they must be able to accurately track at the very least my heart rate and calories burned during a workout and not just my daily routine activities. The more data they collect the better. When the Gadgeteer was offered the Wahoo [...]

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Securing your bike when you’re out and about is perhaps the first thing a bike owner has to confront, once they’ve bought the bike and a helmet. As soon as you arrive at the post office, drugstore, or coffee shop on your first ride, you get off, and realize you’ll have to prevent someone else [...]

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You like getting the information your fitness tracker provides, but do you ever get tired of the way you have to wear it?  If you'd like a change from the rubber wrist band or the plastic clip-on case, check out the fitness tracker accessories that Griffin has for you.  Griffin says their wearable accessories line [...]

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