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Yesterday, I reported the news that the latest version of Android Wear will be compatible with iPhones. Based on the feedback I received, it is clear that our readers are as excited as I am that they will have more options than the Apple Watch to join the smartwatch revolution. Today, Motorola announced the availability [...]

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The Speedo Shine is a new activity tracker from the partnership of Misfit and Speedo. Just like Misfit's other trackers, it tracks your activity, steps, calorie burn and sleep automatically. Although you don't have to be a swimmer, the Speedo Shine is made with swimmers in mind and features a proprietary lap counting algorithm that [...]

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One of the latest crazes in the fitness world is "functional fitness" (strength, mobility and endurance training for real-world use rather than very specific gym-type exercises) and one of the tools that is growing in popularity for functional fitness training is the humble sandbag. Sandbags can be made in varying weights and sizes, plus they are [...]

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I love to collect and analyze data, especially my health data. I like seeing the changes that take place as I make alterations to my exercise program or eating habits. The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor (this is how it is marketed in the United States; it is also known as the CheckMe Monitor according to Gizmodo) sounds [...]

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Texas is blazing hot in the summertime and thus many homes are sealed up tight with their air conditioners constantly running recirculating indoor air.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on indoor air quality, In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other [...]

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The Easybreath full-faced snorkeling mask by Tribord allows you to breathe normally through your nose while exploring the fascinating world just beneath the surface of the ocean (or the not-so-fascinating world of your pool). This is a surface snorkeling mask that uses a dry top system to prevent water from entering the snorkel due to [...]

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sigma-brakelight A simple solution to a complex problem, the Sigma rear brake light allows motor vehicle drivers to know when you're braking on your bicycle. Small at 3 x 3 cms/1.18 in and light (weight wise @ 7 grams/ 0.25 oz  :) ), easy to install (you just need a 2.5mm hex key)  and simple [...]

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FireFly Running & Biking Safety Light Spurs

Biking and running are two of the most popular fitness activities around. Now most folks do their outdoor activities during regular daylight hours, but if you are like me and live in the desert, that 4pm walk ain't happening in the summer. Although I have no issues with walking late at night or early in [...]

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Most activity trackers on the market right now have been designed to only track steps, calories and sleep. But if your main form of exercising is swimming, regular fitness trackers won't give you accurate and detailed info on your workouts. The Activité and Activité Pop activity trackers from Withings can now automatically recognize if a [...]

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If you have been lusting after a Misfit activity tracker but didn't have the extra cash to buy one, you will be happy to learn that Misfit has just released their new Flash Link tracker at the very affordable price of l$19.99. At that price, most people can afford to buy this unique tracker that [...]

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It's going to be in the 90's this weekend in southern Indiana. Ick. My plan is to stay inside with the AC blowing because I don't like to sweat. What do you do if you have to work or play outdoors when it's dangerously warm? Staying hydrated is important, but to keep your exterior cool, [...]

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Last year when I reviewed the Polar Loop activity tracker I found it to be neither a great or horrible fitness tracker. It tracked activity, but the inactivity alerts didn't work at all and the heart rate sensor only worked with a compatible chest strap.  The Polar Loop 2 is their newly updated version which [...]

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You always hear that leaving your toothbrush out in the open in the bathroom exposes it to germy spray each time the toilet is flushed.  The charging stand of the TAO Clean toothbrush not only protects the brush from spray, it has a UV light to sanitize the toothbrush as it charges.  The ultrasonic toothbrush [...]

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Within the first few months of her life, my daughter exhibited asthma and an array of allergies, including one to peanuts.  We had to give her treatments several times a day to protect her lungs and minimize asthma episodes, and we also had to protect her from exposure to foods and inhaled allergens that could potentially [...]

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For many of us, summer means ample time spent in or on the water. Whether it's taking a dip in the pool, catching a wave, or casting a line, summer and water activities go hand in hand. Regrettably, many of us fail to take appropriate safety measures when taking in the summer fun. I'm sure [...]

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In recent years, there's been a lot of discussion about how the blue light from the screens of mobile devices could be negatively impacting sleep patterns.  Humans evolved having bright, bluish-white light from the sun during part of the day.  The only light they had at night was either from the stars and moon or [...]

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A while ago, I told you about the Dopp kit full of wet shaving gear I put together for my husband so he didn't have to resort to horrible disposable razors and canned shaving cream when he traveled.  If that kit inspired you to want to give wet shaving a try but you don't even [...]

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Late last year I reviewed the Sleepace RestOn sleep monitor and found it to be easy and comfortable to use because it didn't require a wearable tracker. Now the folks at Sleepace have a new product called the Nox Smart Sleep System which combines the RestOn non-wearable sleep monitor with their new Nox smart sleep light. [...]

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Well, it doesn't actually distinguish red from green, but it does indicate the amount of redness in red, orange, and purple objects by a series of stripes superimposed over the object.  The Red Stripe app uses the device's camera to view the objects in question and overlays stripes on those objects with a red component. [...]

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Earlier this year, we told you about the Know Your Knots Bandana with 16 of the most useful outdoor, sailing, climbing and survival knots with instructions printed on it.  Now, Colter Co. is introducing a new bandana:  the Fly Fishing Knots Bandana.  Of course, you can use it for all the useful functions normally performed by a [...]

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