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Protecting the slabs of glass we carry around has become a focus of concern for the modern Gadgeteer. We have these devices - tablets, phones, phablets, whatever - and they only want to succumb to gravity and destroy themselves in a crash of broken glass and shattered dreams. So we find cases to protect these [...]

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Over Christmas, I finally jumped into the MacBook scene and picked up a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display. The first thing I thought when I bought it was, "I need to find some sort of case for this expensive laptop!" For the first few months, I carried the laptop in two hands always, and [...]

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Continuing their line of little handmade, bookbound accessories, DODOcase has introduced their Dual Charging Dock Organizer for iPhone and Apple Watch.  This little book has a Baltic birch interior carved to hold an iPhone (any size with or without many cases, or even an iPad mini) as it charges.  The platform in front of the iPhone holds [...]

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These organized storage boxes from XSories can protect your action camera and its accessories, your other mobile devices, or even your lunch.  The Universal Capxule cases are made of NBR, ABS, aluminium, rubber.  EVA perimeter walls to absorb shock and a molded grab handle to make it easy to carry.  Inside is a mesh pocket and [...]

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sena vettra st-01

I can never decide if I want a case on my iPad Air or not.  It's thin and wonderful to hold without a case, but you're at risk of damaging your tablet without one.  The Sena Vettra ST Leather Case provides a functional case that manages to remain slim. The Vettra ST comes nicely packaged [...]

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You like getting the information your fitness tracker provides, but do you ever get tired of the way you have to wear it?  If you'd like a change from the rubber wrist band or the plastic clip-on case, check out the fitness tracker accessories that Griffin has for you.  Griffin says their wearable accessories line [...]

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Most of the Apple Watch accessories I've seen to now have been charging stands, backup batteries, and even pads to lay the Watch on while you're not wearing it, but more and more companies are offering actual covers for the watch's metal body.  Spigen has an ExactFit Apple Watch Slim Premium Matte Finish Hard Case that [...]

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If you like your accessories to be unusual and not something everyone you'll meet will be carrying, too, then you need to check out Tovi Sorga's beautiful, colorful leather goods.  Tovi's biography says he is an "independent artist, designer and craftsman of bespoke, printed leather fashion accessories. He is one of the only leather-craft artisans [...]

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Early last year, we told you about the new space pack case for iPhone 5/5s from mophie that added up to 100% extra battery life with its built-in battery and added 16-32GB extra storage to the iPhone, too.  This year, mophie is introducing space pack cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and even [...]

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It's a shame you have to use the front-facing camera on your phone for selfies, because that camera doesn't have a flash.  When you aren't in well-lighted places, your selfies will be lacking in detail because of the poor lighting.  The LuMee Light Up Cell Phone Case with built-in lights that shine on your face [...]

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The time to start thinking about protective gear for an accessory is before you get the accessory, right?  WaterField has been busy designing a couple of new accessories for the upcoming Apple Watch.  The Time Travel Case for Apple Watch is a protective, padded case for the Apple Watch charger, spare watch bands, a Bluetooth earpiece, [...]

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The TM1985 Gadget Pouch reminds me of the KNOMO KNOMAD iPad organizer I reviewed recently, but the camouflage fabric is much less formal than the shiny leather KNOMAD.  At  9" wide, 8" high folded (maximum of 3" thick), the Gadget Pouch is too small to hold a full-sized iPad, but I wonder if you could fit a [...]

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These new juice pack cases from mophie will both protect and recharge your new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.  Both cases have "carefully-designed internal bumpers [to] add extra cushion to the edges and corners of the protective case for unrivaled support."  Both also have 3300mAh batteries inside to provide more than 100% extra power to [...]

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Do you use your tablet at work, carrying it from meeting to meeting or between worksites?  You can carry everything in a large gear bag, but that's probably overkill if you're just walking down the hall to a conference room.  Or if you're flying, you need a compact bag that can fit all your electronic gear, [...]

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I've mentioned before that my husband shaves with a vintage double-edged razor, and that I created a kit with his shaving gear and other toiletries for when he travels.  (Check the links at the end of this review to read more about his travel kit.)  In the past, men had elaborate travel kits with fittings [...]

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Pad & Quill has announced a Luxury Travel Kit for Apple Watch with a wood charging stand and leather roll-up case.  You insert the Watch's magnetic charger into the Luxury Pocket Stand when you need a charge.  When you're ready to travel, the stand folds up and fits into a pocket in the leather Roll Up [...]

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After being an Android phone user for a few years, I decided to come back to the iPhone. I went with the iPhone 6 Plus for its awesome camera, big size, and continuity between OS X 10.10 and iOS 8, along with many other reasons.  I needed a new spiffy case to protect it, but [...]

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Stores might not have the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge in stock yet, but you can prepare early with a new case to protect your shiny new Android smartphone. MobileFun has a a large selection of cases from Spigen, Versus and Samsung for both versions of the phones that include non-bulky inexpensive flexible covers [...]

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We've already seen a couple of charging stands for the Apple Watch before it's even available to pre-order, but neither of those can touch the CalypsoTimeless charger for sheer elegance.  The TimelessMoment will be handcrafted in Europe of premium Italian leather.  It will incorporate the Watch's own charging disk, and the charging cable will fit seamlessly under [...]

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Typing on a touchscreen is more difficult that typing on normal keyboards because the smooth, flat screen offers you no physical clues to let you know if you've even touched a key as you type.  The Phorm case changes that by overlaying physical clues on the touchscreen when you need it.  Slide a switch on the [...]

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