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Do you have any road trip vacations on your calendar for this summer? As gadgeteers, we all know that driving directions and destination details aren't the only things we have to consider when we're planning for driving trips. Our travel gadgets rank right up there in importance too. When you're planning a road trip, you [...]

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Logitech has unveiled the Logi ZeroTouch, a mount for cars that holds your phone and allows for gesture and voice commands. The ZeroTouch is an air vent or dashboard mounted magnetic holder for Android phones (sorry iPhone!) that works with a command app to provide hands-free control of your phone. Hands-free in that you don't [...]

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The Nonda ZUS Smart Car Finder & USB Car Charger is a German designed all in one charger and car location device that has been built to meet US Military MIL-STD-810G high-temperature standards. It has two USB ports that can charge two devices at once 2x faster than normal car chargers can do (max 4.8A [...]

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If you’ve been looking for a dash cam, be sure to check out the Swann Navigator HD Dash Camera - 1080p Portable Vehicle Recorder with GPS Tracking.  It’s got a ton of features and it’s easy to install and easy to use. And it may be the best deal on collision insurance available. The Swann [...]

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If you're still looking for gift ideas for Mother's and Father's Day, here's another. It's the new Car Kit Deluxe from Kenu. Kenu are the makers of the popular Airframe car mounts that we've reviewed here on The Gadgeteer. Their new Car Kit Deluxe includes an Airframe+, a DualTrip car charging adapter that has two [...]

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Dash cams have become very popular in the last few years, but now we have another type of camera for cars. No, it's not a back up camera, it's a backseat camera or a babycam. The Garmin babyCam connects without tools to the headrest of your seat and interfaces wirelessly with a variety of Garmin [...]

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Dash cams are the type of gadget that once you setup, you hope you never need to use it. That's because they are typically only used after you've had an accident or witnessed some other unusual event while driving. I like having a dash cam in my MINI Cooper because I never know when bigfoot [...]

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Most, if not all states, have laws specifying cell phones must be used hands-free while driving. Most people want to obey they law, but considering how integrated our phones have become in our daily commute, many people struggle with this law. Until car manufacturers begin making vehicles with built-in phone mounts, we are forced to [...]

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For a while now, I've been looking at finding a good holder for my iPhone for when I am driving in the car. Mainly, I needed it for GPS, so I tried out one of those dash holders, which failed, and I promptly returned. My next option was trying a vent mount, and when the [...]

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2016 03 20 iPhone Leather Car Mount - 9

For a gadget geek, I'm surprised to say I've never used a car mount for my phone. Eighteen years in two Miatas, there has always been enough of a shelf space around the gear shift to set it down on. And holding the phone always seemed a good enough solution. But as a new reviewer, [...]

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We all have battery chargers by now, right? Some are large, some small, some include cables to connect to phones or tablets. But one thing almost every charger I have seen has is this: you have to carry along a phone charger or a device capable of charging the battery to top it off. (It [...]

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Dash cams are becoming a popular gadget for car owners. They tend to be a set and forget type of gadgets that you only need when something unusual or bad happens, like an accident. The new Cobra Electronics CDR875G Dash Cam has all the features that you've come to expect with a dash cam like [...]

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You know that black hole in your car? It's that space between the driver's seat (or passenger seat) and the center console - the place where things fall and are sometimes never found again. I've dropped things down there and sometimes I was lucky enough to retrieve the object. The Drop Stop is a product [...]

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Wait a minute.. is this a car review? Why yes it is. I was lucky enough to be able to test drive one of five GM vehicles, spread across their various brands. I chose the Cadillac CTS-V since I have driven cars all of my life. This was a step up in size from my [...]

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The other day someone asked me to name my favorite dash cam. I said that it's currently the Magellan MiVue 658 HD dash cam because it has WiFi, GPS and a touchscreen. These are all features that are lacking on the majority of dash cams that are currently on the market. I then followed up [...]

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