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shure srh145-20

I know Shure from their line of audio gear, including the famous SM58 microphone.  But headphones?  Not so familiar.  Today I get to try out the Shure SRH145 headphones. Sensitivity:  100 dB SPL/mW lmpedance:  34 Ohms Frequency Range:  25 Hz–18 kHz Weight:  5.28 oz (150 g) without cable Cable Length:  5 ft (1.52 m) Cable [...]

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Electrohome 1

Nowadays, when you bring up the words record player people automatically assume the ones with two steel chrome turntables with some DJ, wearing Beats headphones, at a rave spinning EDM and trance music and wearing dark sunglasses in a dark club. But that's not the record player I speak about. This is the classic record player [...]

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Leave it to RHA (Reid Heath Ltd) Audio to continually surprise us with new products. After years of going upmarket with model after model at dizzying speed, RHA has dialed back a bit by releasing an extremely affordable earphone, the S500i. The 500i aluminum shell is ultra compact in size partly because of its micro [...]

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Polk Striker Pro Zx

I was researching at the Polk website for a review I am working on and I found out that besides speakers and regular headphones, Polk makes gaming headsets. Since I have recently joined the Xbox One crowd, the Polk Striker Pro Zx caught my eye. Compatible with the Xbox One, PlayStation4, Wii U, PC, Mac, [...]

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Comic book geeks will want to check out CONtv, it's like Netflix, but for comic con fans. CONtv is THE digital destination for Comic Con fans! Devoted to all the weird, hilarious and terrifying content celebrated at the Cons, CONtv is a place to celebrate community, discover new movies and TV series, and revel in [...]

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Sonic Unity may be new, but its founders are two veterans with a lot of experience in Audio. Rick Hopkins has a background in concert design, consumer and pro audio. He’s worked concert events for Bryan Adams, Rush, Van Halen, Rod Stewart and The Rolling Stones. Ian Lim co-founded NuForce, a high-end audio brand that helped popularize [...]

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fluance fi50-13

I'm starting to lean away from portable, battery-operated speakers for my home listening needs, since I don't move them around much.  Hopefully, something larger and mostly stationary produces better quality sound.  How does the Fluance Fi50 bluetooth speaker stack up? 2 Way 4 Driver Bluetooth Music System with Integrated Amplifier Dual 3/5inch Coaxial Mounted Silk [...]

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Everyone utilizes headphones at one time or another during their lifetime. Despite that fact, it seems that the general headphone design hasn't changed all that much throughout its history. Sure there have been great advances in technology to improve sound, but for the most part the overall concept remains the same; you place a device [...]

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Heading back to tiny dorms this fall? Need more counter space at home? Use the Pulse smart bulb to make space for your music. Made by Sengled, the Pulse combines a dimmable LED light with a multi-channel JBL Bluetooth speaker for a home entertainment and lighting solution in one device. Screw the Pulse into any [...]

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HuahamEarbuds - 2

Earbuds are, for most folks, a commodity item. We find them in bargain bins, as freebies with most hardware, offered for free on some flights, and, I'm sure, probably in cereal boxes. I much prefer full over-the-ear cans personally, but when I'm traveling or walking, I am not a fan of the weight and heat [...]

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Reid Heath Acoustics (RHA) is a an audio company with a problem. They can’t seem to let a new earphone be their signature product for more than a few months before they come up with one that tops that. Don’t these guys ever rest? Apparently not, because their excellent T10 earphone released less than a [...]

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I'm on the hunt for a comfortable, good sounding Bluetooth headset with long battery life that will allow me to enjoy music while also letting me answer incoming calls. You wouldn't think it would be too difficult to find a headset that ticks all those boxes, but it always seems like there's one feature that doesn't [...]

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I consider myself an average person with an average budget for headphones (around $60 or less) and I've been fairly happy with my purchases. I've shied away from trying out more expensive ones in the stores because I haven't been prepared to spend premium dollars on them and I didn't want to spoil my blissful [...]

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I'm generally a cool, calm, and collected guy, but one of the few things that causes me to geek out is Doctor Who. I discovered the current incarnation of the show about a year ago and have been hooked every since. While I can't afford high-end Doctor Who merchandise, I do think I have enough [...]

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Another day, another review of earphones with tunable filters. What was once a rare occurrence isn't uncommon anymore. RHA, Torque and others have jumped on the filter express and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down. British audio company Rock Jaw has now made the filter leap with its Alfa Genus earphone. The Alfa Genus [...]

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Canon U.S.A. has just announced their ME20F-SH, a purpose built camera based on a 35mm full-frame, 2.26 megapixel  CMOS sensor.  Capable of Full HD video with a minimum illumination of less than 0.0005 lux (approximately equivalent to ISO 4,000,000), the ME20F-SH is aimed at markets where low light capture is required such as nighttime surveillance [...]

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Aside from my car, I generally don't listen to music unless I have headphones on.  I don't know why this is.  I think I'm embarrassed by my strange taste in music.  Since earbuds are uncomfortable to me, I decided to take a look at the Samson SR550 Over-Ear Studio Headphones. Over-ear studio headphones Dynamic, detailed [...]

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French company Focal makes some stunning, but outrageously expensive speakers, but they also make way less expensive headphones that not only sound great, but are well built and extremely comfortable. Now Focal has focused on the in-ear market with the new Sphear. Sphear was designed to have Focal’s “Spirit of Sound” signature that’s incorporated into [...]

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As a police officer, I spend a significant portion of my day in a vehicle, patrolling. While on patrol, I enjoy having something to listen to in the background. In the past I was satisfied listening to terrestrial radio, but more and more I find I'd rather listen to streaming radio or podcasts. None of our [...]

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Years ago Janet wrote about Zipbuds tangle-free zipper earbuds (they literally looked like a zipper). Now Zipbuds has introduced their Slide tangle-free earbuds in addition to their zipper style earphones. They have a "friction-free" slider that seals the cables together making them tangle-proof and they have ZBXi Ultimate Drivers which "have been precision-tuned to deliver an [...]

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