LG Stylus

LG will introduce the LG Stylus 2 next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This phone, a sequel to the G4 Stylus, will be available in the United States later this year. It features a nano-coated thin-profile stylus tip that provides real pen-like feel and allows for more accuracy when note-taking and drawing compared to a rubber-tipped stylus.  The LG [...]

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While OPPO might not be a well known brand outside of Asia, I've been watching their expansion outside of that region and their products after owning an OPPO Find 7A over the last couple of months.  Rather than make "run of the mill" phones, they've been trying to add functionality and hardware to  differentiate themselves. [...]

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When I reviewed the LG G2 three years ago, I wasn't convinced that LG's decision to locate buttons on the back of the phone was a good idea. Who ever heard of putting volume buttons on the back of a phone instead of on the side?  At that time, no one had done it before, but then one year [...]

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Google is offering a short-term incentive program called Tap 10 to encourage users to use Android Pay. If you use it 10 times from now until February 29, you have the possibility of winning "credits in the Google Store/App Store for a song (e.g. music track from Google Play), movie (e.g. video from Google Play), [...]

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Have you ever found yourself needing to view your mobile device hands-free? Maybe you're at a coffee shop enjoying a cup of joe and a scone, but also want to watch a video while you're eating and drinking. The Tiltcard is a credit card sized steel stand that props up your smartphone or small tablet [...]

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Virtual reality headsets like the much talked about Oculus Rift are the next big thing in immersive entertainment and education. Feeling like you're really part of a game, "traveling" to new destinations without leaving your home and learning new skills from your couch are quickly becoming a reality. Just a few weeks ago, I read an [...]

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One of my new year's resolutions for 2016 is to play more games because life is short. Imagine my glee when I happened to notice that there's a big sale going on right now on the Google Play store. For their Games Year-End Deals they are offering up to 90% off on several games that [...]

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The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is an Android-compatible smartwatch that does not use the Android Wear operating system like the majority of the Android smartwatches that are currently on the market. Samsung marches to the beat of their own drum and has opted to use the Tizen OS to power their watches. Let's take a [...]

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Battery power has always been a Gadgeteer's nightmare especially on phones and finally phone manufacturers are doing something about it.  Qualcomm has its Quickcharge, Oppo has its VOOC Flash Charge from a hardware perspective and there's a a multitude of third party apps on the Google Play Store that are supposed to extend your Android phone's [...]

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Before 2010, there were no touch-centric tablets, only laptops that had stylus-driven screens. Suddenly, when the iPad burst upon the scene and gave tablet makers permission to dream of a touch-oriented screen and apps that could be on a larger screen than a phone, the world changed. Tablets that vaguely resemble the iPad have come [...]

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huawei. All opinions are 100% mine. I had heard of Huawei, but had never really paid attention to their devices before now because they were mainly only available outside the US. Pronounced “Wah-Way”, Huawei is a mobile technology company that is based in China [...]

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Shot with DxO ONE

Recently a curious thing happened - I was given the opportunity to use an Android phone with a 5" screen, and I didn't hate it. We know Julie has a love/hate relationship with iOS, as do several others here at The Gadgeteer. I've been a bit deeper into iOS than some, having used iPhones exclusively [...]

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Dave Rees and I have been waiting for what feels like years in gadget time for the Nexus 6P. We each ordered one on the day they were announced and waited over a month to receive them. During that time, Dave had second thoughts about the 128GB version and cancelled in favor of a 64GB [...]

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huawei. All opinions are 100% mine. When I mention the brand name Huawei, is it one that you recognize? If you answered no to that question, then you are not alone. But Huawei hopes this is all about to change and I think it's [...]

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I’ve always been a fan of the LEGO Mindstorms robotics system that teaches children and adults how to build and program robots. Usually, you would use your Mac or PC to program the robot's brain, but now you can use your iPad or Android tablet, too. The LEGO Group just announced the availability of its [...]

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