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Plantronics BackBeat FIT headphones review

Fit 01
With so many headphones nowadays, I’m really surprised that wireless Bluetooth doesn’t come standard in every pair of headphones. When I moved away from the typical corded headphones I never looked back. If I had it my way, it would be wireless or nothing.  Read More →

Ogden Made Junction City Messenger Bag review

OgdenBag 11

I must admit. I really like having a bag. Whether a backpack, messenger bag, or sling bag. In high school I used three different backpacks in a school year. I own two large travel skate backpacks, both the same brand and model. I couldn’t choose between the color designs so I bought both of them. However, I did buy them used off of Ebay, so buying them both was like paying less than retail for a brand new one of them.  I must say that I got a pretty good deal. In addition to the travel backpacks, I own three sling bags and two messenger bags. And I still use them all. I just  switch out the bags depending on what I need them for. Now, I’m not claiming to be a bag expert but I know what I like.  Read More →

MPOW Bluetooth 4.0 Headset review


I really like the convenience and features of a hands-free Bluetooth headset, however, when I wear them I can’t  get passed the stigma of the hands-free headset sticking out of my ear like a small USB thumb drive.  Nevermind the ones with a boom mic  protruding down the side of my face towards my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for hands-free headsets and some work rather well and have great sound. Just check out the review I did for the Plantronics Voyager PRO. Up until this review for the MPOW Bluetooth 4.0 Headset I have been using the Voyager Pro quite often. But I use it in the comfort and privacy of my home. I just can’t see myself walking around in public wearing this headset having a phone conversation with its boom mic. Sure, in the beginning, I would use the Voyager PRO mainly in my car so I could be more of a responsible driver and use a hands-free headset while I was driving.  Read More →

BlackVue Sport Action Camera review

BlackVue Sport 01

With so many “action cameras” around, it’s hard to choose which one is best for you. There are various types of action cameras that are used from car racing to sky-diving to mountain biking to skateboarding or any other activity you can think of. You name it and it probably had an action camera involved in it somewhere. To ask which camera or camera maker is the best may come down to the features and accessories the camera has and how it benefits the user. And with the BlackVue Sport from Pittasoft, this may be the action camera you are looking for. If you enjoy being in the front seat of any action sequence, such as front of a race car screaming around a corner track, or being on the handlebar of a mountain bike as it rattles down a steep hill, or even watching the transition of day turning into night through a series of time-lapse images,  then you obviously like the intimate first person point of view captured on today’s action POV camera. Read More →

Protect America Home Security System review

SimonXT 02

When it comes to home security, peace of mind seems to be a factor in the type of security you get. And with several home security companies competing for your business I guess what it really breaks down to is the ease of use,  added options, and the service.  When I received the security system from Protect America, it arrived in a rather large box that made me a little worried. I assumed that for such a large box there must be tons of wiring, and parts, and manuals, and more.  I cringed at the thought of having to assemble the security system unit, and run cable and wires through the wall, and fumble with small screws trying to mount the unit to the wall.  “What did I get myself into?”,  I wondered.  Read More →

Pelican 2370 3-in-1 Color Mode LED Flashlight review


If you are familiar with the name Pelican, then you may know that they are known for their cases that are tough, durable, and long-lasting.  I was unaware that Pelican made flashlights, so naturally I was very curious on how good their flashlights could be. I assumed that if they made solid cases that they would make a flashlight with a solid build. After receiving their 2370 LED Flashlight and testing it out, I found it wasn’t too far off from my assumption.

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Blue Microphones Nessie USB Microphone review

Nessie 14

At first glance, the Nessie by Blue Microphones  looks like an award one might receive at a music award ceremony because of its impressive stature. But it is named after the mythological Loch Ness monster and resembles it with its “S” curve and long neck silhouette. But it begs the question, does it stand up to be a legend in its own right?

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Everyday Carry Gear – Raul Sanchez

Raul EDC

It’s time again for another inventory of our everyday carry items,  or as I loosely refer to them “my survival gear”, so I wanted to share them with the outside world.
And surprisingly,  I found out that I use each and every item daily in one form or another. And some more than others. Read More →

OP/TECH USA Utility Sling Strap review


If you think all camera straps are the same, then think again. Did you think about it? Well, then you know that the camera strap is basically connected to the camera and hangs around your neck. Pretty simple, right?  Well, it can get a little more complicated than you think. When you consider the comfort, the convenience and the style, then it becomes more than just a plain strap.  It becomes a feature.

OP/TECH  Utility Sling Strap seems to incorporate these characteristics in their product. The Utility Sling Strap consists of a neoprene shoulder strap, two quick disconnect System connectors, and two Uni-Loop Adapters.

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Powerstick+ USB Drive/Power Charger review

Powerstick 08

Since many of us carry around mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, handheld games, digital cameras, MP3 player, and the like, having emergency backup power is almost a necessity when it comes to preventing your device  from shutting down when a power outlet is out of reach. Powerstick+ from Ecosol is a portable charger that can keep your devices charged.  But I like gadgets that do more than one thing, because that’s what makes them unique.  The Powerstick+’s unique feature is that it is also a USB flash drive. Read More →

SuperTooth HD Voice In-Car Speakerphone review

SuperTooth 01

Not too long ago I had a few Bluetooth earpieces that I mainly used  while driving. I had a few Motorola ones like the H700, plus I have still been using the Plantronics Voyager that I reviewed some time ago that I really enjoy. However, my problem was often that I didn’t have the earpiece on when I received a call when I was driving.  would have to fumble to find it in my car, maybe turn it on, fold it open, and then place it in my ear – all the while was I was trying to keep my eyes on the road. More often than not, I would miss the call and have to redial the number.

Then came along Bluetooth speakerphones like the HD Voice In-Car Speakerphone from SuperTooth. What a convenience to have a Bluetooth speakerphone in your car without the hassle of wearing an earpiece – and feeling awkward when wearing the earpiece and not being on a call. At least with the HD Voice, it just sits on you car’s visor out of the way and ready to be used.

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Serbags Army Courier Vintage Bike Messenger Bag review

Serbag 1

From the days of high school, through community college, til the end of college and when  I got my first real job after graduating college, I was an avid fan of the backpack. Not too much these days though… At my current job,  a backpack just doesn’t feel professional enough for me.  Who am I kidding?  I don’t feel like a backpack is fashionable enough for me…

When I first received the Army Courier Vintage Bike Messenger bag from Serbags, I thought it seemed kind of small. (The specs for this bag are 12.5″ x 12″ x 4.5″. ) But I realized I was comparing it to my Case Logic messenger bag, which is designed for laptops ranging from 15.6″-17″  inches – so naturally it is a wider bag than this Courier messenger bag. After filling the Serbag with my daily work essentials, it seems like a fairly roomy bag.  Read More →

Lorex HD Action Sports Cameras Review

Nowadays, it seems like action POV cameras are used everywhere from TV shows to documentaries to the weekend warrior next door. But are there standards for these candid action cameras or is it just as simple as pressing the record button? For me, it’s more than point and shoot.

I have previously reviewed two other action cameras,  the ContourHD and the GoPro Hero. At the time, the GoPro Hero wasn’t a HD camera but an SD camera. These days, any non-HD action camera seems sub-par compared to regular HD footage considering that HD seems standard on most action cameras. Having reviewed these two cameras, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Active HD Sports CameraLorex‘s version of the action camera to see what it held. Lorex also sent me a compact Waterproof HD Helmet Camera and  Active HD Sports Camera Sunglasses.  We’ll look at all three cameras in this review. Read More →

Lorex Live View LW2004 Series Video Baby Monitor Review

Lorex makes a variety of video cameras for home security. Their systems offer solutions for monitoring your entire house. When you have young children in the house, monitoring their room has special requirements, like a monitor you can take with you.  I recently was able to review a Lorex home video monitoring system, so I was very happy to give their  Live View Video Baby Monitor (LW2004 Series) a look. Read More →

NZXT Cryo E40 Laptop Cooler Review

With the availability of iPads, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones nowadays, it doesn’t leave much room for our older laptops. Everything has become smaller, thinner, lighter, has better battery life and virtually no heat output. However, if you are like me and still have an older laptop or notebook in your arsenal of electronics then you should know that the older laptops have a tendency to generate that unwelcoming bottom heat. Heat that can get hot enough on your lap that it feels like a piping hot cup of coffee without the protective cardboard sleeve.

This is where the Cryo E40 Laptop Cooler from NZXT comes in to play. The Cryo E40 is a lightweight and solid entry-level laptop cooler. But where it has a leg up over other coolers is its ability to place its two fans anywhere on the metal mesh cover giving your laptop the maximum cooling air flow it needs.

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Hydraulic Drilling or What The Frack?

Happy Earth Day!

After seeing many campaigns promoting Earth Day and how we can try to improve the longevity of our beloved earth I came across many helpful and thought provoking articles. Topics like recycling, planting trees, carpooling, electric/hybrid cars and more. It seems that there are many possible ways we can make Earth Day everyday.

One intriguing concept that I found made me feel like I was in high school all over again.  I was torn between feeling like I wanted to know more on a subject but wasn’t sure if I wanted to bother because it was only extra credit. But my curiosity got the best of me so I ventured to learn more. I came across a controversial technique to extract natural gas from the earth by means of hydraulically drilling into the dense earth and injecting it with water mixed with sand and chemicals. The result would cause the rocks and shale to fracture allowing natural gas to flow up to the earth’s surface. Since natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel, unlike some other fossil fuels such as coal or oil, it would be a more environmentally safe alternative for fuel. Of course it is not without its controversies. It has been reported that hydraulic drilling, or fracking, has caused tremors, earthquakes, chemical contamination in drinking water, and there have been reports of shale gas leaking into homeowners tap water causes the water to catch on fire. Read More →

JLAB 4GB Go Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones Review

As you run, workout, cycle, snowboard, or do other activities that make you sweat, chances are that you listen to music while you do it. So then you wear your headphones or earbuds to keep yourself entertained. But as the abundance of sweat drips steadily from your sweaty head, your headphones become distorted from the moisture. So whether you wear expensive headphones or the little white earbuds, any form of moisture like sweat, rain, pool water, drink thrown at you by a jealous ex, etc. can potentially distort and eventually damage them.

Introducing the Go 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones from JLAB. These are a pair of cord-free headphones that have the MP3 player built into them, so there are no wires to fumble with. The wire that connects from right speaker to left speaker is hidden under  the thin, curved, strip of hard plastic that is positioned to contour the back of your head and out of the way. The best feature that the JLAB MP3 player offers is not only is it sweat-resistant but waterproof. You can literally jump in the pool and swim some laps without ruining these headphones. Forget about a little of sweat, gallons of pool water isn’t even going to shock this thing. So if you are a hardcore runner or triathlete  or anyone that loves to run or train in the rain, then these headphones are for you. Read More →

Lorex Home Video Monitoring System Review

If you have used a video monitor around your home then you know the peace of mind that it offers knowing that you are seeing what the camera is seeing. However, you have to be home to view that monitor. But with the Lorex Home Video Monitoring System, you don’t need to be home to do that. Thanks to Lorex‘s Live Connect and the world-wide web, you can view the area that the camera is monitoring with the use of a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Read More →

Ravi Wine Chiller Review

There are various wines out there, red, white, Chablis, Riesling, etc. but no matter what kind of wine you desire there are those out there that like their wine served at room temperature  and some who prefer it chilled.    However, keeping wine in one’s refrigerator can make the wine too cold and not properly chilled.  Sure, you can still refrigerate the wine and let it sit out for a while to reach adequate chill temperature. But that can be tricky and can make the wine lose its chill.  Introducing the Ravi Wine Chiller.  The Ravi is a device that attaches to the bottle and as the wine flows through the Ravi it chills the wine. Read More →

Primus PrimeTorch Flashlight Review

One thing you can never be without is a good flashlight, especially one that has a bright brilliant light. But for me a flashlight is just a flashlight. That is unless it has something about it that gives it a unique characteristic. And the PrimeTorch 1010 by Primus is one such flashlight. Read More →

Aluratek Cinepal 8″ HD Personal Media Player Review

With all of our MP3 music, digital pictures, digital videos, not to mention e-books, wouldn’t it be great to house all of them in one device? Oh wait, there is…

Introducing the 8″ inch Cinepal Personal Media player (APMP10F)  from Aluratek. This media player has the ability to play your music, show your photos, play your videos, and display your e-book titles. Although it can’t browse the web or download media like an iPad or a Motorola Xoom, it still has its finer points. Read More →

Tekkeon TekCharge MP1860A Portable Battery Review

When it comes to your device’s battery having a portable charger around in an emergency is a great battery saver. But when that battery charger is capable of charging two devices at a time, well then, it becomes a lifesaver. Read More →

Gunnar Optiks Phenom Gaming Eyeglasses Review

If you’re like me who sits in front of a computer monitor for long hours, in my case two monitors side by side next to a TV monitor editing music videos, PayPerView programs and PSA/TV commercials, your eyes tend to become strained from the effects of staring at the monitor.   But never fear, there is help for those of us who sit in front of computer monitors and who still want to look stylish.

Introducing Gunnar Optiks Digital Eyewear.  These are digital performance glasses made specifically for the digital user, from everyday computer user to pro gamer. The lenses are made from proprietary material for enhanced monitor viewing and tuned for close monitor viewing as well. But more on that later. Read More →

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 Portable Color Scanner Review

The ScanSnap Color Scanner from Fujitsu is one of those products that surprised me when I first used it. It surprised me because it works so well. The scanning was surprisingly fast and the scanned images were a perfect copy.  I had to stop myself from scanning any picture and document I could get my hands on. Well, almost…

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Cirago USB 3.0 Portable Storage Review

If you have a need to move files around from computer to computer or just need an external storage drive for your numerous  files then you know having an external drive is a must. And having an external hard drive that is durable, slim, fast and portable isn’t so bad either. Introducing Cirago’s USB 3.0 500 GB external hard drive, the CST6000. Read More →