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The Naga series of gaming mice from Razer, in my opinion, are some of the best gaming mice out there.  There are a few models in the Naga series, but we'll be looking at the one simply called the Razer Naga.  Let's give it a closer look after the jump. The package contents are as follows: [...]

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I am a big fan of laptop/gear bags, and I'm always searching for a bag that not only will protect my equipment from everyday bumps, but also hold everything that I like to carry with me.  I was very happy when Julie was kind enough to assign me the Checkthrough Security Brief by Skooba Design. [...]

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This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine. When Julie asked if I would like to review the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System and Snap-Pac fertilizer, I told her I would be glad to.  I love having a nice yard to show off to everyone. Mowing is one of my favorite things to [...]

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When Julie, The Gadgeteer, asked if I would like to review Digital Innovations' speaker dock for Android smartphones, I jumped on the chance. I had just been asking myself if there was a speaker dock out there for Android Smartphones. I know there are plenty of them available for iPhones and iPods, but I had never [...]

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When it comes to being able to duplicate hard drives efficiently StarTech has been on the cutting edge of that technology.  I was recently given the opportunity to review StarTech’s new 1:3 Standalone SATA/IDE Hard Drive Duplicator Dock.  This dock is perfect for anyone who has the need to duplicate one hard drive onto 3 [...]

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Adding more storage capacity to a desktop or laptop computer used to involve having to take the computer apart and adding in the extra drive, not to mention on some computers the pain and frustration of getting to the drive to remove it. Not so anymore with all the external drives coming out on the [...]

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A friend of mine has a Droid X phone and was showing me their new OtterBox Defender case and I was very impressed with the way it was designed. Julie was very fortunate enough to request one for me and I have been using it ever since. The OtterBox Defender Series case for the Verizon [...]

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I asked Julie if she had heard of OtterBox, a friend of mine has the Droid X and he has the Defender series case from OtterBox on his phone, and it looks indestructible. When Julie told me she could get me one to review for my phone I was more than happy to do it. [...]

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Have you ever needed a convenient way to clone several hard drives at once? Last weekend one of my computer hard drive started having a lot of problems, I contemplated buying a new computer, but I am in the process of building a sweet gaming computer and as we all know it takes time and [...]

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If you are like me you probably have some old hard drives lying around from computers that you no longer have or have worked on for friends and family. I know I have a hard time throwing away any computer item I have even if it is so old it will not work in today’s [...]

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Nathan Drake is back for his greatest adventure ever. After a lot of peril and pain in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Drake actually succeeded in getting rich. But now he is back for some more action in the Sony PS3 title Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. When the game starts we find Drake relaxing at a beach side resort, [...]

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Oh, Kratos. Why can’t he escape all those memories of his past? Kratos might possibly be the angriest game character I have ever seen; I mean he did accidentally murder his wife and son after all. God of War Ghost of Sparta for the Sony PSP is a third person action adventure game set somewhere between [...]

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