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Have a Sony NEX-5/5N?  Don't you just wish it had an actual hotshoe instead of Sony's proprietary accessory port?  NEX Pro Shop just released an unofficial hotshoe adapter to fit in your Sony NEX-5/5N.  The Shadow allows you to connect an off camera flash and have it triggered by the NEX-5/5N.  It's priced at $79.99 [...]

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Amazon just launched AmazonSupply, which offers a huge range of industrial and business supplies.  Categories include: plumbing, materials handling, lab, health & safety, fasteners, power & hand tools, janitorial, power transmission, test/measure/inspect equipment, cutting tools, abrasives & finishing, office supplies, and fleet & vehicle maintenance.  It includes free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

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Earth Day and Technology


April 22nd has been designated as Earth Day.  But taking care of our Earth doesn't have to happen on only one specific date in a year.  This is our planet and Earth Day should be every day!  We must care for mother nature so that our future generations can grow and expand to a galaxy [...]

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Wacom just released an update to their Bamboo Stylus.  Their new Bamboo Stylus Duo adds a ballpoint pen on the other end of the stylus.  This new design makes much more sense as you won't have to carry an additional pen.  They will sell for $39.95 when they come out in May.

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Most of you might know of Incipio.  They make great accessories and amazing cases for most of the popular mobile devices and electronics.  They have a great case for the iPhone 4/4S called Le Deux.  It's a hybrid case made up of a polycarbonate frame and a brushed stainless steel backing.  The polycarbonate frame will [...]

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Owning an iPhone comes with the responsibility of taking care of it as well.  Most of us Gadgeteers would tell you to get a case or protective stickers to protect your iPhone.  That's like one of the first things you do when you get an iPhone.  But what if you want a naked iPhone in [...]

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Remember back in the day when NetZero offered free dial-up service and the only thing you had to suffer through was seeing advertisements?  Well NetZero is back to offer free mobile broadband*.  Yes, the asterisk is placed there on purpose.  So what does that asterisk mean?  The free version of NetZero Mobile Broadband is the [...]

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I love my iPhone 4S, and I use it constantly to the extent that I have to charge it up whenever I see an open charging cord.  It's also pretty annoying that I have to carry a sync cable and AC adapter.  That's what this Kickstarter  project has solved.  JuiceTank is a hybrid case and charger [...]

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Got a Mac with the new Thunderbolt port?  Then Elgato's Thunderbolt Solid State Drive is the perfect accessory to plug into it.  This portable port-powered solid state drive goes at speeds of 270 MB/s.  That transfer rate is blazingly fast compared to the slow 35 MB/s that USB 2.0 gives or the 80 MB/s that [...]

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Love writing on paper and on tablet computers?  Then Just Mobile's AluPen Pro is just what you need.  This aluminum stylus/pen hybrid has a retractable ballpoint pen on one end and a soft rubber nib on the other.  It's the best of both worlds if you jot notes on classic paper and a modern tablet.  [...]

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Ever wished you had more battery life in your devices when you're away from any electical outlets?  That's where Spigen's Kuel F60Q portable mobile battery comes in.  It works just like any other portable mobile battery pack, except that the Kuel packs a 6000 mAh lithium ion battery which outputs at 5V at 2 Amps.  [...]

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No matter how great your earphones are, there's always one flaw that everyone hates - the earphone's cord.  The most annoying part is when the cable flops around or get caught in something while you have the earphones on.  Klinggon solves that problem by providing a stable holder to keep the cable from moving around [...]

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Do you love your iPhone's glass screen?  Do you hate when you stick on those screen protectors that makes it feels tacky and prevents you from touching that smooth glass?  Spigen's GLAS.t has solved that problem by providing a screen protector that's made of glass.  The GLAS.t is 0.4mm thick and made up of chemically-treated [...]

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So you just got yourself a brand new iPhone 4S, and now you’re looking for that one perfect case that will help protect it but also make it stylish at the same time.  I’ve tried many different cases for my iPhone 4S, and none has come close to my ideal case other than the BookBook [...]

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Sony has extended their Walkman product line with the Z Series Mobile Media Player.  This Android 2.3 powered Mobile Media Player has a 4.3” touch screen, runs on a dual core mobile processor, has built-in WiFi / Bluetooth, micro HDMI port, and has Sony’s S-Master MX audio technology to deliver a crisp audio experience.  It [...]

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Got a new Mac with the brand new Thunderbolt port but no accessories to connect to it?  The only accessories out now for the Thunderbolt port would be the $999 Apple Thunderbolt Display, a Thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor, or those pricey Thunderbolt External Hard Drives.  Don’t you just wish you could do more with that [...]

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Keyboards have been around for years.  They come in different shape, sizes and colors.  But what if I want a keyboard that can change functionality depending on which program I have open?  Art Lebedev’s Optimus Popularis is a beautifully engineered keyboard where each key is actually a mini screen.  Each key on the Optimus Popularis [...]

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Ever wish you just had more storage space on your iDevice?  AirStash solves that problem with their wireless data hotspot device that accepts SDHC cards up to 32GB.  Their 2nd generation AirStash is 30% smaller than the original, but it offers 3X USB speeds, 802.11n wireless speed, and an impressive 7 hours of continuous streaming.  [...]

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As an amateur photographer, I always like carrying around my DSLR camera everywhere I go.  At first I used the strap that came with the camera, but that wasn’t comfortable and the strap always got in the way when I lifted the camera up.  Then I changed to a sling type strap, but I didn’t like [...]

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Have an iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4) and want to protect that delicate back glass when you lay it on the table?  Many people usually use a variation of Zagg’s InvisibleShield or Skin for their iPhone.  But I would also like something more durable and luxury looking.  That’s where Luxe Plates come in.  Luxe Plates [...]

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Have an awesome stereo speaker system but no way to get your music to it wirelessly?  That’s where AirBlue from Kanex comes in.  Shaped like a hockey puck, it’s a Bluetooth audio receiver into which you can plug a 3.5mm audio cable.  Just pair your iPhone (or any Bluetooth-enabled music player) to AirBlue, and you’ll be able [...]

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Belkin’s LiveAction Camera Grip is an accessory attachment that you slide over your iPhone's dock connector.  It features a camera grip similar to the ones on DSLR cameras.  It has 2 buttons, one for taking photos and another for videos.  The camera shutter button is a fast shutter button for those quick snapshots of your [...]

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Want to introduce your kids to the tablet world but you're not quite willing to hand them your expensive iPad?  Check out the Nabi Kids Tablet, a Toys "R" Us exclusive.  This 7 inch capacitive multi-touch tablet runs on Android OS (not sure which version) and sports a Duo Core 1.1GHz processor.  The Nabi is pre-loaded [...]

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Recently, photography has been picking up popularity in both the amateur and professional sectors.  As an amateur photographer, I always love to carry my Sony NEX-5 DSLR around with me when I go out exploring NYC or traveling.  I wanted a bag that can protect my camera, lens, and accessories and also have room for [...]

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HP has just released an update for their Windows 7 based slate tablet.  The newer Slate 2 has a faster Atom processor at 1.5 GHz, Swype input support and 32GB SSD to start.  They also changed the backing of their Slate 2 to be flat instead of the diamond style they had in the previous [...]

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