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The dual-screen Kyocera Echo didn't have much success in the market, and Nokia abandoned the split keyboard design they had with the Nokia e70 and the Nokia 6800 family. Unlike the Echo and the e70, the DoublePlay from LG, exclusively available from T-Mobile, will have a 3.5'' main display and a split sliding keyboard with 2'' display. The 2'' [...]

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The problem with alarm clocks is that they wake you up in the middle of a dream, and not just you, but also all the people at your place. Furthermore, alarm clocks don't know if you are already awake or not, and therefore they don't know when to stop the alarm and when to continue [...]

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The sOccket is a soccer ball that captures and stores energy while being played. It was developed by four students from Harvard, as a project. They tried to connect two observations they had: (1) kids all over the world are playing soccer and (2) many kids in the undeveloped world don't have electricity at home. [...]

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Lytro wants to change the way we take photos by introducing the concept of 'living-pictures'. A 'living-picture' is a picture that the viewer can change the focus of it (check out the sample images on Lytro's site). Lytro uses a technology based on (4D) light-field photography, which capture not only the amount of light at [...]

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Nintendo had two successful products, the DS/3DS  and the Wii, with each one of them provides its own benefits. The Nintendo 3D/3DS offers a two screen gaming experience and focuses more on hard core gamers. The Wii, on the other hand, is focused on the broader demographic and has provided more social experience when using [...]

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The jury is still out on the verdict regarding the usage of 3D TV's at home. In the meantime, Sony has showed additional usage for the capability of showing a different image to each eye --- Dual-View. Dual-View enables two players to watch one screen, but to view two different images (instead of the split [...]

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It seems that all the cool applications these days are for mobile platforms. One of the items in the Google I/O keynote was the announcement of the availability of Angry Birds in Chrome. BlueStacks wants to enable Android Apps to run on Windows machines. Unlike other environments, Android Apps can run side by side with [...]

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D-Wave has introduced the D-Wave One, the first quantum computing computer. The processor of the D-Wave One is different from traditional processors, which are based on transistors. The Quantum Computer is based on physics behavior ,and it should be easier to model and solve problems of Artificial Intelligence (Markov Random Field), System Validation and Graph [...]

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This conceptual product by Michael Kritzer is called the DayMaker. This is an alarm clock, with a place for 2 iPhones and an analog clock in front. When the alarm on one of the iPhones rings, the iPhone jumps like a bread slice in a toaster. You can make it snooze by pressing it down again. In [...]

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Samsung has recently released 23'' and 27'' SyncMaster displays as part of the Samsung Central Station series (which was first introduced in CES'11). The Central Station uses UWB wireless technology to connect to a laptop, like the Samsung Series 9 that comes with built-in UWB. If your laptop doesn't have a built-in UWB support, you [...]

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