Amazon offers unlimited Cloud storage for any files for less than $5 a month or photos for less than $1 a month

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Late last fall, we told you about a perk for Amazon’s Prime members, allowing them to store unlimited photos in the Cloud for free.  Well, Amazon has decided to extend the type of files you can store, and they are making the plan available to everyone at very reasonable prices.  No longer must you be a business user to qualify for unlimited cloud storage.  Non-Prime members can store unlimited photos for $11.99 a year.  You can also choose the Unlimited Everything Plan, which is available to everyone for $59.99 a year.  With Unlimited Everything, you can store unlimited photos, videos, documents, and other files in Amazon’s Cloud.  You’ll be able to access your stored files with most any device.  With either plan, you’ll get the first three months free, then you’ll continue at the stated price.  The plans will automatically renew until you tell Amazon to stop.

Learn more about Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything at Amazon.

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  • Sandee Cohen March 27, 2015, 8:46 am

    I’m a Prime customer so I get the storage already.

    But I don’t understand why there is a difference between storing photos and storing files. And what exactly is a “photo”. Is the JPG I take and then save as a PSD no longer a photo? What about a PDF?

    Is a logo I create in Illustrator and save as a JPEG a photo or something else?

    I don’t get the distinction. It’s all a bunch of bits and bytes.

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