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I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that my house isn’t all that smart. You’d think someone who has the nickname “The Gadgeteer” would have all sorts of automation gadgets installed in their home, but I don’t. I currently just have two Dropcam cameras and the Venstar programmable / smartphone connected thermostat. I often think about adding more tech to my home and when Faveable sent me their list today it’s sparked my interest again. Today’s list features 10 gadgets that will make your life easier and your home smarter. They cover expensive appliances like the Samsung Smart Refrigerator that has a Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen and will set you back almost $2897.10, the $1699 LG Smart ThinQ SmartWasher that can be monitored remotely with your smartphone and lesser expensive gadgets like the Belkin WeMo Light Switch that can be controlled remotely with smartphones, tablets and costs $49.99.

Is your home smart or is it a little gadget challenged? If you want it to be smarter, read Faveable’s list of 10 gadgets that will turn your house into a smart home.

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