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Your future will be bright with one of these 10 flashlights [sponsored post]

Whether you’re camping out in the wilderness, scared of monsters under your bed or just need some help lighting the way when you take Fido out for his evening constitutional, a good flashlight is one tool that everyone needs at least one of. Today’s list from Faveable gives you 10 recommendations for flashlights that will are sure to brighten whatever you shine them on. The list includes 2 flashlights that come within a nickle of the $300 price point. These lights are not for kids, but extremely powerful tools. The $199.95 4100 lumen Torch has a halogen bulb that can burn for 2000 hours and is so bright and hot that it can fry an egg! Yay multi-tasking! If a $300 price tag on a flashlight has you ready to press the back button on your browser, never fear, the list also includes 5 lights that are less than $50. The Lighting EVERA flashlight offers an adjustable focus, is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included and provides 140 lumens of light, all for less than $10.

Read Faveable’s Best Flashlight list.

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