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#ad Faveable shares deals on solid state drives

on June 11, 2014 5:14 pm


Do you enjoy tinkering with your desktop or laptop computer? Maybe you’ve even built your own desktop computer by┬ápicking out the case, motherboard and other components. I used to love to do that back before I switched to Macs and laptops. Some folks like to customize their computers like they might customize a car. And just like cars, speed is always a factor when it comes to computers. What is an easy way to speed up a computer? With a faster hard drive of course. Solid state drives are faster and more rugged than mechanical drives because there are no moving parts. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your computer to give it faster read/write times, then Faveable has your back. Today’s list offers 6 deals on drives from well known storage companies like Crucial, Samsung and Sandisk. They also have deals on drives from not so well known vendors like Plexor and Mushkin. Depending on your storage capacity needs and budget, this list from Faveable features drives under $100 and as high as $489 for a 500GB external drive from German based Brinell.

Read Faveable’s Best Solid State Drives to Speed up your Computer.

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