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#ad Faveable shares their best monitor deals for June

on June 9, 2014 3:10 pm


When I decided to sell my 27 inch iMac and use a 13 inch Macbook as my primary computer, there was an obvious adjustment period. Giving up a huge display like the one built into the iMac was tough, but I got used to it. It’s been a few years now and I’ve found it much more convenient to be able to use my laptop anywhere I like from the upstairs couch to the outdoor swing on my front porch. I don’t miss being chained to a desktop computer except for one thing – lack of extra screen real estate. A 13 inch display isn’t tiny, but it sure isn’t spacious either. The majority of the time I use my apps in full screen mode which means I end up having to switch between apps for certain tasks. For example, while I’m editing images in Photoshop, I might hear a ping in Google hangouts signifying that someone is talking to me. That means I have to switch to my browser to see the message. If my screen were larger I could put the hangout in the corner out of the way and just glance down to see if was an important message or one that could be ignored until I finished working on images. A couple weeks ago I was approached by a UK based company to review one of their 29 inch LED monitors. I didn’t think I would enjoy staring at a huge monitor again but I was wrong. If you have the desk space, a monitor really does elevate and expand your computing experience. Faveable has just released a list of the best monitor deals for June that includes five monitors that will look great on your desk and will improve any work that you do on your computer. The list includes a “small” 21.5 inch ASUS LED backlit monitor all the way up to a “huge” 29 inch 21:9 wide screen monitor from AOC. There is also a monitor with touch capability and one that incorporates Beats Audio.

Read Faveable’s best monitor deals.

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