#ad Faveable helps you out with a list of Father’s Day gift ideas


Have you picked out a Father’s Day gift for your dear old dad yet? If not, you better get busy because there are only 12 days till Father’s Day. I know that shopping for men can sometimes be difficult (especially if it’s a woman doing the shopping), so Faveable has come to the rescue with a list of gifts that probably won’t be shoved in a drawer to never been seen again – like that polka dot tie from last year. Faveable’s list includes 12 items that even the pickiest Gadgeteer will enjoy and use for years to come. Some of the items on the list include the iDevice iGrill Mini that our own Dave Rees recently reviewed. If your dad enjoys firing up the grill, this would be a great accessory to help him cook a perfect steak for his next cookout. Another gift idea is the Pick Punch, which your dad will love if he likes to play guitar. He’ll be able to make his own custom guitar picks from expired plastic gift / credit cards. Recycling and guitar picks – win, win! Faveable’s list also includes unique ideas like beer soaps, gold plated playing cards and a portable ping pong set.

Check out Faveable’s full list of gift ideas: 12 Unique Father Day’s Gifts

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