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#ad Faveable Lists: Twenty fitness gadgets that really work

on May 27, 2014 4:27 pm


There are a lot of fitness gadgets on the market these days, and Faveable has created a list of some good ones that will complement your workouts.  They cover everything from wearable fitness and health monitors, to GPS watches, earphones for workouts, to GPS watches, and smart scales.  They feature a smart fork that works as a health coach and the Fitbit Aria smart scale that monitors weight, body fat percentage, and BMI for your entire family (up to 8 people).  Check out Faveable’s 20 Clever Fitness Gadgets That Actually Work article to learn more about these fitness gadgets.


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    Dave K says:

    These Faveable articles are garbage – only one step up from machine-generated articles. They make Gadgeteer look worse for being associated with them.

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