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#ad Faveable lists best vacuum cleaners for a clean home

on May 8, 2014 12:05 pm

If you are serious about keeping your home as clean as possible, investing in the right vacuum cleaner is key. There is such a wide variety of types and brands available in the market, that you can definitely get confused. Whether you’re looking for a canister, upright, handheld model or a combination of them, Faveable has rounded up the 10 best vacuums available in the market today. Most of the vacs that they feature are canister vacuums, which are useful not only in the house, but in the garage as well. These are heavy duty cleaners like the the Vacmaster VBV1210 pictured here, which they highly recommend. It is able to clean up both dry and wet messes with ease, along with also providing blower functionality, which is handy if you don’t own a separate blower device.

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  1. 1
    meistervu says:

    I think the most important factor in choosing a vacuum cleaner is whether you will use it. The strongest suction does you no good if it’s too cumbersome that the thought of dragging it out of the closet and downstairs stop you right there.

    That’s why I really like a machine like my iRobot Roomba. It’s does great on wood floor, and OK on rugs. But I can program it to clean twice a week and the cleaning will happen, and my house is cleaner than when I only owned an awesome Mielle.

    Sure, I still use the Mielle occasionally for other things. But the Roomba is good enough on regular schedule that I don’t see the need.

    And yes, if you have really deep carpet, I don’t know how a machine like the Roomba will do. But on my door mat which is like a deep rug, I did the shake test after a year of having a Roomba and it’s as clean as I want it to be. So I suspect that if your deep carpet is clean enough to start with, a Roomba will keep it clean with regular scheduled cleaning.

  2. 2

    @meistervu I really want to try a Roomba. I’d need two though. One for upstairs and one for the basement.

  3. 3
    Andrew Baker says:

    I miss my roomba

  4. 4
    Robert says:

    I don’t think these vacuums are in the same category as a Roomba. I cannot imagine anyone using the vacuums listed to clean home carpets, nor can I imagine anyone using a Roomba to clean your garage or your car. Just saying -

  5. 5
    JV says:


    Yes, I agree. I mentioned the Roomba because the title of the article was “Faveable lists best vacuum cleaners for a clean home”

    It reminded me of the time I tried to use my power tools for carving pumpkins. It’s was messy and borderline dangerous.

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