#ad Faveable lists cool gadgets for every guy’s kitchen


Today’s list of gadgets from Faveable are perfect additions for any guy’s kitchen and they are great for every girl’s kitchen too! The article lists 20 different gadgets that will help you cook faster, easier and better than before. The list includes products like a unique Transparent Toaster that allows you to see your bread – no more burnt toast. There’s also the One-Minute Hot Air Popcorn Maker that will let you make a healthy snack in a jiffy. The Bialetti Pasta Pot is something I think I might buy for my own kitchen. It’s a pot with a locking lid that has holes in the top to drain the water after boiling your pasta. And the iTouchless Towel-Matic Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser is a perfect gadget for quick clean ups. Those are just 4 of the gadgets covered in the list. Check out the other 16 by visiting Faveable’s: 20 Gadgets for Every Guy’s Kitchen

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  • Andrew Baker May 6, 2014, 11:26 pm

    I had something similar to the Bialetti pasta pot. Probably we 40+ years old, worked great but It disappeared in move. Never did find it. Sad day for pasta pots. Might get another one.

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