#ad Top 7 ergonomic chairs perfect for your office and your back

It’s mid-February, and most of your new year resolutions about staying fit may not be going as per plans. But there is one thing you could still do to avoid undue stress on your body – get an exceptional ergonomic desk chair to make lower back pains and cramped neck a thing of the past. Our friends at Faveable have compiled one such list of best ergonomic chairs in the market right now. Check out the article linked below to find out which chair is best for you and why it’s worth the upgrade.

Reading the Faveable article has made me think about upgrading my own office chair at home. I’ve been sitting on the same chair for the past 20 years! I ended up buying the same chair that I used at my day job because I liked it so well. Back then I think I spent $600 or more on it. It was pricey, but worth it… But, it might be time to shop for a new chair for my next 20 years. #2 and #7 on Faveable’s list interest me. I’ve always wanted to try a Herman Miller chair.

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