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Today I want to announce our partnership with a new site called Faveable. Faveable is similar to Pinterest, but has its main focus on the coolest gadgets and “guy stuff” from across the web. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we’ll be bring you a short article like this one. The leading introductory post today is a compilation of unique camping gear and accessories to help you with your next hike or outdoor adventure. Depending on your location, it might be way too cold to even think about camping right now (it was -4F here in Southern Indiana this morning!). Reading about these outdoor gadgets is a good way to fight the winter doldrums and start thinking about warmer days. Head on over to Faveable.com to check what it’s all about and don’t forget to tune in again on Wednesday for more fun faves. And btw, just because the site is geared towards men, that doesn’t mean us girls can’t browse it too. :)

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