PowerUp turns your homemade paper airplane into an smartphone controlled flyer

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The PowerUp 3.0 is a newly-launched Kickstarter project that lets you pilot your homemade paper airplane using a smartphone. The PowerUp features a carbon fiber frame with a propeller on one end and a battery powered BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) receiver on the opposite end. The receiver is powered by a lithium polymer battery that provides 10 minutes of flight per charge with a 180 ft / 55 meter range. Fold your favorite style paper airplane and clip the PowerUP to it using special clips. You smartphone becomes the controller, right down to cool tilt gestures for fancy maneuvering. The PowerUp 3.0 has already flown past (see what I did there?) their $50,000 funding goal by over $200,000. One of their stretch goals is to offer Android support, so it won’t just be an iOS toy. A $30 minimum pledge will reserve a basic PowerUp package with a May 2014 timeframe.

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  • Andrew Baker December 2, 2013, 12:07 pm

    Now only if I can get my son to get older faster, so I don’t look like a complete fool playing with these myself. HEHE

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