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Zoom Q2HD Video Camera

on July 26, 2012 10:00 am

Almost every camera or tablet has video recording capability these days, but sometimes their sound or lighting just won’t cut it. The Q2HD from Zoom takes full HD video, uncompressed audio recording, and gives you the option for live streaming via your notebook.   The Q2HD allows mid-side recording, which combines a unidirectional and bidirectional microphone to give a more natural depth of sound and gives you “Concert Lighting” and “Night” video modes.

Is this the camera that the Cisco Flip should have been?

Recommended price is $200.


  1. 1
    Sam says:

    I reckon the best sort of camera for travel these days is an easy to carry camera capable of stills and video.

  2. 2
    Sam says:

    I prefer the Samsung smart cameras with WiFil capability

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