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Lefty Artists Rejoice – SmudgeGuard

on December 29, 2010 8:30 am

How many lefties do we have in the audience? Me too :) Don’t you just hate it when you’re drawing and writing and get ink on the side of your hand? There’s a product to solve that problem. The SmudgeGuard is a nylon glove that protect the outer edge of your hand/pinkie finger, while leaving the rest of your fingers exposed. SmudgeGuard gloves are available in 5 sizes, 3 colors, 1 and 2 finger varieties and are priced from $14.99 to $16.99.  They are even great for righties that draw on tablets. It keeps your hand from sticking to the tablet surface.


  1. 1
    BlackNickel says:

    I suppose it looks funny but it also not too comfortable. And I am not absolutely sure there are people who will love this one by all means. May be there is anyone who using this?

  2. 2
    Jackie Cheng says:

    Looks like it might be good to use on the ipad. It seems that it might prevent the ipad to detect the hand when you use a stylus to write on it.

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