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Give your iPhone 4 a Sliding Keyboard

on November 17, 2010 9:06 pm

Boxwave’s new Keyboard Buddy is a snap on case for the iPhone 4 that houses a built-in slide out keyboard. It’s an innovative design that pairs a tiny rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with a hard shell case. It’s currently available for pre-order for $69.95 which includes US shipping, which will begin on December 14, 2010.


  1. 1
    Andy Jacobs says:

    Interesting. Like a “turn your iPhone 4 into a Droid 2″ or something. I kind of like it. Except for the part about having to charge it. :( Now, if an extended power supply for the iPhone could be incorporated into it, that would make it pretty killer.

  2. 2
    D says:

    What a waste of money! Why would you want this when on screen keyboard works fine?

  3. 3
    JJ334 says:

    @D Well, you make a point.

  4. 4
    JuggaloX says:

    @D Some people prefer a physical keyboard to an on screen one.

  5. 5
    alukado says:

    Just refer to , they are selling it for $26.99 + free shipping, coupon code : Keyboard

  6. 6

    Ever thought to women with long nails? They will never use iPhones for the touch keyboard….

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