Spring Clean 2007 Contest Winners Announced!


Even though there were only 20 submissions to the Spring Clean 2007 contest, it was still hard for me to choose the winners. After careful consideration and lots of flipping back and forth between before and after pictures, I have made my decision.

1st Place : David Dietz – In my opinion, it looks like he had a LOT of work to do and the results were great! And anyone that vacuums their ceiling fan get extra points in my book! ;o)

2nd Place : Jason Trimble – Even though his pictures were pretty grainy and dark, I could make out the ‘junk room’ mess that he had to clean. Love the sweeper parked next to the computer desk in the before picture! The only way I could really make out where the desk was in the before pic was seeing the Blue LEDs. Wow, big improvement!

3rd Place : Aspen d’Grey – Although his link to the site with even more pictures times out when I try to visit, I can tell that he did some major cleaning because the items on the bookcase in the before and after pictures are different. :o)

Thanks to everyone that entered. I’m sure your efforts will not go unrewarded by the people you share your space with. :o)

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