iGo Photo Contest


If you happen to be an owner of an iGo power product, you should perk up your
ears (eyes?) and read about the Photo
that they are holding. All you have to do is send in a
snapshot of the best place in the world you’ve taken your iGo, and
you can win some great prizes.

I had a couple people email me asking how they could get a
T-shirt if they had already been a featured gadgeteer. That’s easy!
Send me a new story (and pix) about how you use your gadgets. Or
how your gadgets got you out of a jam, craziest places you’ve used
them, etc. I’m easy, just send me some cool (true) stories and
if/when I post them, you’ll get a free T-shirt.

Wow, check out this place: Inventionland. I’d love to work there!

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